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Conference “Religion in Education – a Contribution to Dialogue or a Factor of Conflict?”


Aim of this conference

The aim of this conference is to present and discuss the results of the REDCo-Project: “Religion in Education. A contribution to Dialogue or a factor of Conflict in transforming societies of European Countries”.

This project has been funded by the European Commission within the Sixth framework programme and consists of an interdisciplinary team of leading researchers from eight European countries, namely the UK, Spain, Russia, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Estonia.

The project’s aim is to evaluate the degree to which religions and values contribute to dialogue or tension in Europe. It intends to gain better insight into how European citizens of different religious and cultural origin can live together and enter into dialogue of mutual respect and understanding.

Education is a vital field within which this question can be addressed. Complementary empirical studies from each contributing university, especially targeting students in the 14-16 year age group provide an inside into educational approaches to dialogue and conflict within the different national contexts.

The outcome of the project will contribute to a better understanding of how religion can be addressed in the educational process in order to promote among children, young people and students a better understanding of the value of mutual respect.

For further information about the project please visit the REDCO-website.


Conference “Religion in Education – a Contribution to Dialogue or a Factor of Conflict?”

  • 3 December 2008, 5pm-7pm, European Parliament (Room ASP3 G2)
  • Registrations from 4.30 p.m. at the entrance of the Altiero Spinelli building
  • Please register before 26 November via the attached reply form or by e-mail.


Welcome and introduction

  • Vural Öger, Member of the European Parliament
  • Ján Figel’, European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth
  • Herlind Gundelach, Minister for science and research of the Hamburg Government


  • Wolfram Weisse, Professor at the University of Hamburg, Coordinator of the REDCo project :
    "Impulses of the REDCo-Project for interreligious dialogue in Europe
  • Jean-Paul Willaime, Professor at the Sorbonne in Paris, National project leader of REDCo :
    Religion in Education: Challenge for a ‘laïcité d'intelligence’ in Europe. Challenges of the  REDCo-project
  • Robert Jackson, Professor at the University of Warwick, National project leader of REDCo :
    The contribution of teaching about religions and beliefs to education for democratic citizenship in Europe and beyond. Consequences of the REDCo-project

Panel Debate and Q&A session

  • Moderation: Jochen Bittner, European Correspondent DIE ZEIT, German weekly newspaper

Followed by a cocktail reception


Invitation Religion in Education
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